Best Jewellery Pieces for Women

Jewelleries are an important part of one’s dressing up. They are always in fashion among the young and the old, and among men and the women alike. Jewellery compliments the outfit and makes the look complete. What is necessary is a good piece of jewellery to go with one’s clothes. A right piece of jewellery can change the entire look of a woman. It can enhance the look of a simple outfit and can turn a modest look glamorous. A good and correct piece can make one feel confident and be a trend setter for many.A craze for jewellery is always seen from ages in India. Indian Fashion Jewellery comes with various comfortable designs and looks fit for every occasion.

Fashion Equation presents a huge collection of Jewellery online. One is bound to fall in love with the collection of Earrings, Ear studs, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Jewellery sets available on our portal. Some of the special items sold here are the stone studs in various shapes – round, square, triangle, rhombus and star - in different colours to match every mood and outfit. The others are stone and Pearl Drop Earrings, Stone and Pearl Jhumkas, Kundan and Navaratna Jhumkas and Rings for Fingers and Toes, Metal crafted Danglers, Antique ear studs and the multicoloured stone earrings. The other spell-binding items include Stone Bracelets, Stone and Crystal Beads Necklace and Earrings sets, Adjustable Finger Rings, Half rings for the ears and many more. One of the best Jewellery items here is the changeable crystal drops earrings which can be given a new shape and look every time to suit according to need.

The Jewellery products on our portal are made to cater to the needs and requirements of any type of situation or purpose. The Indian Fashion Jewellery comes in amazing cuts and comfortable designs, at highly affordable prices. The ear studs start from a very low price of Rs. 50 only and vary in the range of Rs. 50-150. The drop earrings move in the range of Rs. 100-175. The sets come in the Rs. 1000 range. The heavier ones all begin from around Rs 300 and ranges onwards. We also offer jaw dropping discounts on these jewelleries.

Shopping Jewellery online is the best way. One gets to choose from a wide variety of collection. Fashion Equation comes as a great medium for shopping jewelleries. We provide the right kind of jewellery by catching the need and comfort of the modern day women. The best of the artisans and craftsmen look into the creation of such exotic designs and their detailing. We are always very particular about providing the best quality to its customers. The best thing we offer is customers are offered a great discount on every item here. Online shopping from Fashion Equation saves one’s precious time from travelling to shops and also from carrying money on oneself. Cash on delivery or online payment modes are available for customers who shop from here. Thus Fashion Equation is the one store for every woman and those men who wish to gift their loved ones with beautiful jewelleries. It’s high time to log on to this site and make one self and others happy.

June 30, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Making Stripes work for you

Stripes are one of the most common fashion motifs and they rarely go out of style. Not only do they look formal but can also be seamlessly incorporated into casual clothing. You can make a formal shirt with stripes appear casual by folding the sleeves appropriately. Stripes also go a long way to mould the way you look. By wearing the right kind of stripes, you can make yourself appear fuller or slimmer.

What kinds of stripes are there?

Stripes need not be the pinstriped ones that we see on formal suits and trousers. They can be made in multiple colours with varying width and style. You can get a dress which has got stripes of various lengths running across the dress. Such stripes are known as variegated stripes. Usually horizontal stripes make you look fuller whereas vertical ones produce a slimming effect. In case of variegated stripes, even horizontal patterns can make you appear slimmer.

If you want to add bulk to a particular area of your body, you can wear draped stripes, where an embellishment is used along with the stripes in a specific part of the body. Recently, Mallika Sherawat was spotted in a pink and black striped dress, where an embellishment was used on the upper half of the dress.

How to make a stripe work?

When deciding between formal and casual wear, you need to pick between the stripes carefully. Broader horizontal or vertical stripes give off an aura of casual clothing and hence you can pick such outfits for your social dos. Do not use too many accessories with them otherwise they may make you appear overdone. For example, pairing a stole with a dress in stripes will take the appeal away from your attire. Stripes are quite bold as statements and hence they should be left at that.

If you think stripes won’t suit your body but still want to include them in your attire, then you can use a poncho or shrug in stripes to make it work. The best combination would be to pair a vibrantly coloured shrug, poncho or jacket with a monochrome dress. Monica Dogra, actress and musician, tried this style at an awards ceremony with good results.

How can men make stripes work?

Men are usually seen wearing shirts which are pin striped and appear formal. However, designers are producing half and casual shirts in stripes, which can be worn for casual occasions. The sleeves are rolled up and folded to make the shirt appear casual and also the stripes are kept broader.

If you are on the shorter side, then it would be better to wear long stripes as they make you appear thinner and taller. Don’t hesitate to play around with colours as the days of black stripes are over.

You can now buy clothes with colourful stripes on them by logging on to Fashion Equation. We stock clothes that adhere to the latest trends in the market.

June 24, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Women and jewellery make for an everlasting love affair

Jewelleries are women’s wealth, trust, best friend and lover. They play the most important role in a woman’s life. That is the reason why a bride is always decked and gifted with jewellery. Earlier a person’s standard was measured by the amount of jewellery possessed. From times immemorial women have always craved for more and more jewellery. Jewellery enhances the beauty of the outfit and of the woman. Women’s love for jewellery surpasses any love story.

Trends in jewellery have undergone changes for ages. Ages back jewellery pertained to gold and silver in heavy weights and designs. Often embossed with precious stones and gems, they flaunted the country’s riches and culture. Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, etc were used. These jewellery items passed on to the later generations makes us aware of the spectacular works of art that they are. Indian Fashion Jewellery has got a make-over to suit the needs of the modern women. Jewelleries are now light in weight and slimmer in looks. Precious stones and metals are still used, along with the uses of platinum and semi-precious metals and stones like copper, bronze, etc. However, fashion industries have again brought back our traditional heavy jewelleries and are found to be of high craze among women.

A search for Jewellery Online reveals a great collection of junk jewelleries. Junk Jewelleries are best substitutes for the heavy pieces. They come in lots of splendid shapes and designs. The variations are vast and much affordable than gold, silver and precious stones. Some come in different colours and can be properly matched with outfits. Whereas some come just one coloured and can be matched with every outfit. Many come in wild designs and motifs. Bold experimentations are possible and fun with junk and custom jewelleries. The antique jewellery collections present graveness to the personality and are markers of good taste. Junk jewelleries are deservedly the hottest trend among teenagers to elderly women.

Jewellery must be worn keeping in mind the purpose and situation. Light ones are ideal for work places, heavier ones may be worn for occasions and festivals, while experiments with mix and match would be nice for parties, outings and informal gatherings. Proper jewellery gives confidence and faith on the self. An outfit demands a right piece of jewellery. A wrong choice can mar the entire look of a person and shatter confidence. So, one must be careful while choosing one’s jewellery. Indian fashion jewellery if chosen well can make a woman the eye catcher among the mass.

A name in Jewellery online would be Fashion Equation. It provides an open catalogue of Earrings, Neckpieces, Rings, Bracelets and Ear studs. The Ethnic collections of Kundan, stones, Pearls, etc are a speciality here. The designs are enviable and quality unflinching. The antique collections sold on our site are timeless in beauty. There are innovative jewellery items for each and every woman on our shopping portal, because every woman is unique and special. It is time to log on and make your own special collection of such irresistible jewellery.

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Newest fashion trends this season

Fashion industry is a whole world of dream, fantasy and reality. A trend today, if embraced by all, becomes fashion tomorrow. Mostly it is what a celebrity or a high profile person wears is followed as a trend. Sometimes what attracts the mass becomes a trend too. The fashion worlds are ruled by these trends. Fashion designers follow such trends to create the highly acclaimed objects of fashion. Fashion trends are short-lived and ever changing. A certain trend returns after a period of time. However they occupy a permanent place in a fashion lover’s heart. India too is not far behind in this fashion world. Indian Fashion Jewellery and wears hold one of the top places in the global fashion market. Indian fashion is often imitated by the prominent fashionistas dominating the world fashion segments.

Fashions change. Newer ones take the place of the previous ones. There are some common trends seen globally. The ten most followed trends of the season, for women are:

  • Coats / Jackets
  • Dresses (Floral / Flared / Printed)
  • Shrugs
  • Long Anarkali Salwar Suits / Dresses and Longer Hemlines
  • Mid Length Skirts
  • Wide Legged Pants
  • Tunics
  • Jump-Suits
  • Belts
  • Indian Saris

A lot of coats and jackets are seen to be worn these days. They arrive from short to very long lengths. They can be worn in summers too. Coats are the trendiest in the list at recent times, embraced by the biggest of celebrities. Lots of experimentations are done on the age old dresses to give them a more gorgeous and trendier look to suit the era. There are the long, Elizabethan dresses seen mostly on red carpet events, shimmering and in enviable cuts. There’s the shorter variation too. Floral prints and newer prints are nice variations on them.The safest and surest ever the Little Black Dress or LBD will never be out of fashion. The latest fashion is the Shrug, which can be worn over any dress or top to give a new look or to hide too much skin.

The Anarkali suits much like the Elizabethan gowns are in fashion for quite sometimes. It gives a glamorous look to the wearer. Skirts, mainly of mid length are high in preference list of women. They come in A-line shapes, flairs, asymmetrical hemlines, tight fits, etc. Another variation is the divided skirt, more like a wide pair of trousers. The wide legged pants are comfortable as well as trendy to wear. Jumpsuits are a great option these days. They can sometimes be teamed up with a short shrug. Belts among the accessories can be a smart choice to remove monotony of a dress. Indian sarees are observed to be very prominent in the global fashion world. A search on Ethnic wear online can be helpful for one looking for these.

Earlier fashion was supposed to be the zone for the celebrities and the rich. It was due to the unavailability of fashion items in abundance and due to the high costs. Now, the common mass is more fashion conscious and thus production too is high scale to meet their demands. Availability is more profound because of the many emerging shopping portals. Mainstream fashion is within the reach both in availability and cost. They keep one updated with the latest emerging trends of the season. Fashion Equation is the new name in fashion and we offer Indian Fashion Jewellery and the most fashionable Ethnic wear online. Here your fashion dreams become easier to achieve. So, dream big and be fashionable.

June 10, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Is the Indian Handicrafts industry being revived?

Most people nowadays prefer to wear machine made clothes as their quality is superior and they are cheap. The trend started in India with the advent of the British who introduced machine made clothing here. The superior quality of machine made clothing and their cheapness caused Indian handicrafts to die out. During the British era itself, several thriving Indian handicrafts were wiped out due to lack of demand and sponsorship. Handcrafted materials are usually considered to be more expensive because a lot of labour and effort goes into them. Indian artisans are becoming unemployed because of steady decline of such crafts.

In such a scenario, a revival movement has started in the country for art and handicrafts.

Governmental efforts to sustain Indian crafts

The Indian government along with state governments are trying to revive the cottage industry that is rich in various states of India. Rajasthan is one of the states where the tie and dye bandhi print salwar kurtas and sarees are very popular. Other popular prints in India include Kalamkari, Batik etc. Batik is indigenous to the region of Bengal and the government is putting in a lot of effort to promote the craft. Every state has its own tourism development centre which sells goods that are produced by artisans of the state. The goods are priced fair and there are various incentives offered to buyers as well. The tourism development centres offer to buy back the goods sold buy it in any part of the country at fifty percent the selling price, even if the good is used. Moreover, if you are short of money, then they have the provisions of mailing you the goods to your residence if you can pay at least 40% of the selling price up front.

Fashion designers using Indian arts

These efforts by the Indian government have helped to keep the cottage industry in various states functioning. Moreover, Indian fashion designers are also trying their level best to incorporate Indian handicrafts. For example, the Bagalkot silk has been used by many designers in their creations. Bangladeshi designer Bibi Russell used the “gamcha” (a kind of cotton towel) in her creations which were showcased in Paris. The outfits started selling like hot cakes and the entire “gamcha” making industry of Bangladesh was saved from imminent doom.

Handicrafts fairs and trade fairs are regularly organized. Agra and other tier II cities have space allotted called the Shilpgram where fairs are held regularly to boost the handicrafts industries. Artisans from all over the countries come to these places to sell their goods. Salwar Kameez, chikan work churidaars, cushion covers etc. in kitschy patterns and colours stand out and a lot of buyers pick up stuffs from here.

The government not only promotes village craft through sales and distribution but also supports artisans in the form of credits to continue their art. Sub-prime lending is carried out by the nationalized banks and microfinance companies. A lot of Self Help Groups or SHGs are signing up for these loans which provide them with the money to cover production costs.

Many Shopping Portals stock clothes which bear traditional Indian designs. You can buy them from us at an affordable rate.

Even though the handicrafts industry is in a better shape than it used to be in, much more improvement is needed to make it independent.

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June 04, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Reverberation of the 70s in Indian Fashion

The styles of the seventies are making a comeback in the Indian fashion scene. Recently, Gunday released to packed theatres where the movie was set in Calcutta of the 1970s. The actors were made to wear bell bottom trousers with dog collared shirts. Priyanka Chopra did her hair in bouffant and mostly wore chiffon sarees as was the trend back then. The costumes were designed by Subarna Ray Choudhury, who specializes in period film costumes. She has earlier worked on movies such as Parineeta, Eklavya etc. Being from Calcutta, she found styling the actors quite easy.

The bouffant are making a comeback in reality as well. Most women are also trying a puff on their crown which ends in a ponytail. Some also combine fringes with puffs or make the puffs on the top of their head. Large framed sunglasses are also making a comeback along with aviators. Clothes with floral patterns on them are returning to the fashion scene. Many actors were seen sporting velvet jackets with golden embroidery done on them in floral patterns.

Another popular trend of the 70s that is making a comeback is the Palazzo pant. Palazzo pants are loosely fitted along the lower half of the body. They are ideally worn with shirts but you can pair them with kurtis and t-shirts as well. They are available in monochrome as well as prints. You can opt for monochromatic palazzo pants as monochromes are much in vogue.

With time, we might see a reprise of the polka dots which became a rage after Dimple Kapadia wore them in the movie Bobby in 1973.

Although it is considered to be a period of fashion holocaust, however, some of the trends are picking up. Kitschy designs and bright colours are forming a part of our wardrobe these days. Velvets which were not used even in the past decade are now being reshaped to suit today’s style. The fabric is being used in sarees and salwar kameez along with blazers and coats. The styles of salwar kameez too are getting revamped. Most of the salwar kameez being manufactured follow the churidaar style along with Anarkali which was much popularized by Madhubala in the movie Mughal-e-Azam.

The seventies or the era of flower power was a time when people gave least priority to the way they looked. They dabbled in hippy styles, disco and so much more. It was a time of bad hairdos, uncomfortable fabrics and quirky styles. Even though it cannot be termed as the best phase of the fashion industry, nevertheless, it gave people the chance to experiment with their looks.

If you want to try the retro look for your college, don’t hesitate to pick up a pair of palazzo pants and a well fitted shirt. You can also go Indian by picking an anarkali salwar kameez.

You need not buy an anarkali salwar kameez that has many stones studded in it along with zari embroidery. You can pick a simple one from our site that you can wear regularly.

So go on and explore the retro style in you!

May 30, 2014 by Fashion Equation

How to find discounts on Jewellery online

Online shopping is the latest craze all over the globe. India too has become a part of this trend. Shopping portals are the hubs of Indian Fashion Jewellery for jewellery lovers. The age old love for jewellery among women now finds fulfilment in a much simpler way through online shopping. People embrace this mode because of its many benefits. One can look through a large collection of jewellery items at a time. They have more options than any shop can have. One can choose custom jewellery, order it and also have it delivered at one’s address. And, all of these are possible without even having to move an inch from one’s seat. Travelling to a shop or carrying money on oneself is all a past. Life becomes easier and saves precious time.

Fashion Equation brings to you an amazing collection of Jewellery online. Some of the products available here are Necklaces, Earrings, Ear studs, Ethnic rings, Bracelets and Jewellery sets. Not only do they come in many varieties but also with large discounts. So, one can shop to one’s heart’s content without having to worry about the pocket. The discounts pertain to every item here. The daily wear pieces like the ear studs or the drops earrings which would not cost less than Rs. 150-200 anywhere, here starts from only Rs. 50 after discounts. The other striking pieces after discounts vary within Rs. 175 approximately. One feels the urge to collect more of these and make daily wear more colourful. Thus fashion becomes a part of one’s daily life.

It is certain to leave one awestruck at the incredibly low price of the beautiful jewellery sets. The discounts offered on them automatically reduce the price from four digits to three digits. For instance, the Sleek Antique Set with Red and Green Stones now comes at a discounted price of only Rs. 725, the original price being Rs. 1,050. The Antique and Kundan Jhumkas and the Earrings come at about Rs. 140-200 less than the original price and sometimes even lesser. The Ethnic Jhumkas – Green with Red Enamel is sold at a discounted price of only Rs. 595 which is Rs. 140 less than the original. The Ethnic Antique Finger Rings too arrive with discounts of Rs. 150 or more approximately. The Antique Kundan Finger Ring with Emerald costs Rs. 465 after discount on Rs. 615. Indian Fashion Jewellery thus becomes affordable and within everyone’s budget through the hands of Fashion Equation.

Fashion Equation is a revolution in Jewellery online. Shopping from our portal is the most convenient and affordable as it comes with the best possible discounts on each and every item. In shops choices are limited and discounts are nil. Hence shopping becomes limited too. At our portal, customers can shop at any time of the day, have plenty of options available and get discounts. Moreover here the products come with an assurance of quality. Here sky is the limit when it comes to shopping. So, instead of worrying about pocket pinch it is best to log on immediately to Fashion Equation ( and give your desires their much deserved fulfilment.

May 16, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Jewellery purchases made easier online

Jewellery is said to be a woman’s best friend. It is a symbol of pride and status. Be they the traditional heavy pieces on gold, silver and precious stones or the modern junk jewellery, they are equally crazed over. Jewellery is an important item in dressing up. A right choice can enhance the look; whereas a wrong choice can spoil the look. The emergence of junk jewellery in the present age brings a whole new revolution in jewellery. The Indian Fashion Jewellery segment now is a rich canvas where new designs are created in junk and traditional jewellery. Be it gold or silver or a piece of junk jewellery, a smart choice is always sought after. However, buying jewellery involves lots of hassles, thus preventing many from reaching out to them.

Nowadays with the advent of several online shopping portals jewellery purchases have become easier for all. A click of the mouse opens an array of jewellery options to choose from. In the modern age of time crunch, buying Jewellery Online is the best solution. Right from one’s seat choosing an item and money transaction can be made at the same time. A few days’ wait brings the product at the door-step too. Hence, a lot can be obtained and also without any risk or having to visit shops. Not only so, but also prices are lower and no pressurising taxes involved in the purchases. Also another important factor about online shopping is that they are available throughout the day and purchasing can be done anytime.

More options on jewellery items are available on a Jewellery online search than any shop can offer at a time. It presents a broader scope on finding a desirable item as online searches give more varieties from all over the world. With the renowned brands getting themselves available online, it is easier to reach out to the mass. People get an assurance of authenticity. Besides precious jewels, online purchasing sites reveal a quarry of junk jewellery for everyone. Indian Fashion Jewellery sees a new era holding the hands of Fashion Equation. The artistic jewellery pieces found here involves Single and Multicoloured Stone items, Kundan Jhumkas and sets, Pearl items, Antique collections, Ethnic rings and Jewellery items for daily purpose.

Fashion Equation makes jewellery purchases even easier and more convenient. The Jewellery section in Fashion Equation presents a good combination of excellent junk jewelleries in every item. The quality of every product on our site is ever without complaint. A large variety of designs are available to suit every mood and outfit of the wearer. The best artisans and craftsmen look into the making and detailing of the designs of the jewellery items on our portal. The low prices and the discounts on each item make a lucrative purchase. The amazing pieces available here are ideal for women of all ages. Our shopping portal is favourite among women all over the globe for its ethnic jewellery collection. To make the right choice for oneself logging on to Fashion Equation would be the right thing to do immediately.

May 08, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Turn heads this wedding season

Apart from a few months, Indians have weddings in almost every season. It is a celebration of the union of two souls and families. The occasion is used by many people to dress up in flashy garments. A wedding party becomes a mini fashion parade where people put their best foot forward to look good. A number of trends in the market are followed blindly by people. You must have seen groups of men and women wear the same kind of clothes and jewellery because they are in trend.

To attend a wedding in style, you need to understand what clicks for you and what doesn’t. If you are not comfortable wearing sarees in net with a lot of stones and embroidery, then you shouldn’t wear them. It is perfectly acceptable to wear traditional sarees in Tussar and Bangalore Silk to a wedding. At the end of the day, your style should reflect the kind of person you are.

Tips on Wedding Clothes

If keeping up with the latest fashion trends is your style, then you should try wearing sarees with a lot of embroidery, patch patta and zari work on them. You can buy Manish Malhotra sarees that use net and georgette fabric as the base material. Blouse pieces are provided with these and you can tailor them according to your measurement. The trend of wearing three quarter and full sleeved blouses is quite high these days. If your saree does not come with a blouse piece, then you can buy some cloth in brocade or Chanderi cotton with golden motifs on it. You can also tie a thread around the shoulders, as it is a part of the on-going trends.

Wear a salwar kameez if you are uncomfortable wearing a saree. Anarkali salwar kameez with embroidery and other embellishments are available which serve as perfect garments for the wedding season. You can look for salwar kameez and lehengas at Manish Malhotra’s stores if you cannot find Manish Malhotra sarees.

Tips on Jewellery

Depending on the kind of attire that you are wearing, you should pick your jewellery. For example, if you are wearing a plain anarkali salwar kameez, then you can wear a lot of jewellery to make up for the simplicity. However, if your outfit already has a lot of stones and zari work, then it is advisable to keep your jewellery to the minimum possible level.

You need not wear your silver and gold jewellery collection for weddings. Jewellery in semi-precious stone is available that can be paired perfectly with your clothing. Jewellery designed along Polki, Kundan and Jadau style will work perfectly with your party wear sarees.

You can buy an imitation jewellery set that can be worn with both salwar kameez and party wear sarees. If you have several such sets, then you can mix and match the pieces and wear them for the occasion.

If you want to avail the lucrative discounts, login to Fashion Equation. You can find affordable jewellery and clothing that can be worn to weddings.

May 03, 2014 by Fashion Equation

Clothes that make you look slimmer

Most people want to look slim in what they wear. You might too be one of them. A lot of people try a lot of tricks in order to look slim. They take up dieting, exercise routines like Yoga and Pilates, meditation, fad diets and so much more. However, none of these practices provide instant results. They take time to produce effects in your body.

However, if you have an occasion that you need to look stunning for, then adopting these diets and exercise schemes won’t help you. You need to try slimming tricks which will make you look slimmer. They are quite inexpensive and usually involve stuff that is found at home.

Wearing Stripes

Stripes are quite tricky to be sported and hence can make you look both fat and thin. Usually longitudinal stripes make you look tall and thin whereas horizontal stripes make you look short and stout. You can buy a dress with vertical stripes for wearing to the occasion. Not only will it make you look slimmer but also taller. If you do not want to go for the long, plain and boring looking stripes, then you can opt for the variegated stripes.

Dark clothes

Not only do dark clothes look very formal, but they also make you look slim. You need not necessarily wear a black coloured dress but instead you can wear a navy blue or royal blue coloured churidaar suit. These look good especially if you are wearing them to an Indian occasion. It is better you avoid the colour black as it is considered inauspicious by many cultures.

You can also wear a Black kurta with Patiala pants if you do not want to wear a salwar kameez that looks very traditional. This is the age of mixing and matching so experiment all you want to.

Comfortably Fitted Clothes

Accepting your body is one of the most important aspects of looking good. Therefore, if your actual t-shirt size is XL then there is no point in trying to fit into an M t-shirt. You will be bulging out from all the wrong places. Wearing clothes according to your size is one of the most important aspects of looking good.

Also, you can try wearing oversized clothes also. For example, if you are top heavy, then you can try wearing a loose fitted kurti or shirt while you can try harem pants or divider pants if you are wearing a fitted shirt. Loose fitting clothes would make you look less bloated and hence you can try them out.

Shifting the focus from weight

One of the oldest tricks to looking good is by focusing more on highlighting strengths than hiding weaknesses. You can accessorize smartly or put on good make up in order to shift the focus from your bulgy arms. If you look good overall, then few would focus on your body issues.

Lastly, you should be comfortable in your skin. If you are fat, accept it as a part of life, hold your head high and walk into the room. Your personality will make you radiate and you will look good in no matter what you wear.

April 25, 2014 by Fashion Equation