The best clothing options for your little ones

Children’s clothing has undergone a noticeable evolution over the ages. There was a time when children’s wear meant buying look-alike dresses for all the siblings and that too only once a year. At the present time kids wear is a well researched genre of the fashion industry. There are plenty of colourful options available for the little ones in different styles. Taking the child to a shop and purchasing an outfit and dumping it on the child whether the child likes it or not, is also a matter of the past. Now the child and the parent can sit together and look for kids wear online without the hassles of going to shops. Kids are becoming more fashionable and smarter in dressing and so are their clothes. Nowadays kids wear can challenge any adult wear in style and fashion.

Amongst other fashionable products Fashion Equation brings an array of fashionable kids wear online for modern day kids. In our portal kid’s wear are available for every age, from 2-3 years to 12-13 years. A child grows up looking up to her mother or an elder sister as her fashion icon. She craves to look like her model. The ethnic wears available here can be a solution to the child’s desire. Kurtis, Patiala bottoms, Leggings and Salwar suits are some options here that all would love to don on. The simple solid coloured cotton kurtis available in Rs. 275 - 400 ranges are very comfortable especially in the summers. The frock styled half print half solid coloured kurtis like the Elegant Cotton Slim Fit Kurti with Trendy Elastic Sleeves is a great choice for your little girl. The floral printed cotton kurtis with asymmetrical hemline is just the right thing for the little princess. The printed anarkali styled kurtis like the Kids Cool Grape wine Cotton Printed Anarkali Kurta gives a gorgeous look.

From the bottoms in Online Kids Wear shopping portal, the Cotton Patiala pants are the most comfortable. They are available in many vibrant colours like salmon pink, purple, shocking pink, sun orange, etc. The Printed Patiala pants come in most beautiful patterns and prints that the child would never want to leave them. Looking through the Stripe Style, the Zig-Zag printed, Maroon Floral printed and the Printed Blue Patiala bottom should be a must. The leggings in different colours like Aqua blue, Viridian Green, Strawberry Pink, etc are skin friendly and comfortable to wear. The 3 piece suits, having a kameez, a bottom and a dupatta are a perfect festival dress for the little lady.

Fashion Equation’s Online Kids wear section is only for the little ones and strives to give them the best always. We take extra care to provide the best quality fabrics and dyes for the tender skins. It looks after the needs and comfort of the kids. The clothes protect and love the kids like a mother’s hug. Every parent loves to dress up their child in a smart way and to have many options in the child’s wardrobe. So do our fashion conscious children these days. To fulfil everyone’s desire, our shopping portal offers a vast collection of kids wear at quite affordable prices and with large discounts. Fashion Equation is the one site which both the child and the parent would love.

Looking Smart in Tees

T-Shirts have become very popular these days among boys and girls. They are very comfortable and available in pop colours, not to mention various sizes. People belonging to almost any category of age and body type can wear these and look smart. Tees have become so popular that people wear them to semi-formal events as well.

Considering men’s fashion, there is no better attire than tees. They are easy to slip on and can be worn both at home and outdoors. You can wear Men’s tees in a smart fashion to moderately formal occasions. Buy a couple of monochromatic tees with front buttons and collar for semi-formal occasions. Couple these t-shirts with cotton pants and a blazer and you are good to go to any party.

If you want to visit your friends for party or go out clubbing, then Mens graphic tees are one of the best solutions. Pick Mens graphic tees which have witty messages on them or designs of your favourite cartoons. You can express your opinions about movies, music bands, political ideas and much more through graphic tees. Graphic tees depicting the images of Che and Marx are quite readily available at affordable prices. Hence, if you believe in their ideologies, then you can quite literally wear them on you!

Men tees can be bought in different fabrics such as Lycra, nylon and cotton. For hot summer months, nothing can be more welcoming than cotton tees. For parties and other such events, you can wear tees made of Lycra or nylon. Lycra tees are quite good to be worn. However, you need to buy them a little loose so that they do not cling to the body. For winters, you can buy tees that are made of thick fabrics.

However, it is very important to take care of mens tees. Tees are usually made of soft fabric and hence tend to roughen up after a few washes. Graphic tees especially appear much worn out if washed regularly. Therefore, you should have a good stock of mens graphic tees if you are fond of them as the graffiti can wear off after some time. Be sure to buy tees from good brands otherwise they can bleed colour and wear out faster. The trick to maintaining your tees for a long time is to not wear them very often. Have a number of tees so that you can alternate them on different days.

At Fashion Equation, we offer Latest collection of tees for men. These tees come in different styles such as polo neck (ideal for winters), graphic tees and casual tees. You can pick your mens tees from here in various sizes and colours. The tees are usually sold at discounted rates. You can pay Cash On Delivery after shopping for Rs. 500. The Shipping can be done to your residence for free if you buy merchandise above Rs. 999/-

Not only does the website stock good clothes for men but it also does for women and children.

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Do women prefer junk jewellery?

Women and jewellery are inseparable companions from ages. Jewellery marks the class and status of a woman. It complements her outfit making her look even more beautiful. Only a woman knows the real worth of jewellery. All over the globe jewellery has always been in fashion among men and women equally. Indians have for ages long shown the world their grasp over the jewellery industry. Although the earlier genre of gold and silver jewellery, often with precious stones, is still on demand in weddings and such auspicious occasions, they are however on slight decay on other occasions.

A new branch in Indian Fashion Jewellery which is junk jewellery is seen to be the latest craze among women. Not only the youngsters but also the older generations embrace this trend with open arms. The abundant availability of junk jewellery in the present times is a proof of their demand among women. Semi-precious metals and stones have taken over the reign of gold, silver, diamonds, etc. in the forms of junk jewellery. Even wood and plastics are sometimes found to take part in their making. Lots of new designs are observed in them, sometimes wild and sometimes harmonious. The use of Kundan stones of various colours and different colours metals and materials in junk jewellery give them a colourful look. Jewellery designers find it very convenient to experiment on them and create more and more artistic designs. They are created pertaining to the needs of every kind of occasion. Thus junk jewellery has easily substituted our traditional ones.

Junk jewellery is a revolution in the spheres of Indian Fashion Jewellery. Not only do they stand out in designs and textures, but also in price. Since they are made up of semi-precious items and also from very cheap materials, the prices are low. Unlike expensive jewelleries, junk jewelleries need not be kept in lockers and safes and not be afraid of donning them on. Previously where one had to be satisfied with the purchase of just one piece of jewellery, now one can buy lot more with the same cost. The old saying that a woman is never satisfied proves false here. While reserving the gold ornaments for weddings women are reaching out to junk jewelleries for all other purposes. It also gives them a scope to experiment with their looks and find out their unique look every time.

An answer to junk Jewellery Online would certainly be Fashion Equation. Here ethnic junk jewellery is available for all occasions. The special ones that women would love here are the Antique pieces, Multicoloured Stone Earrings and Half Rings, the different coloured ear studs in various geometric shapes, the Navaratna Jhumkas, the Smart Metallic Finished earrings, Pearl and Stone combined sets, Ethnic rings and a lot more. The prices are comparatively lower than anywhere and the large discounts offered make them cheaper in price. Our portal for Jewellery Online would make any woman go over junk jewelleries and bid adieu to their traditional ones.

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Ethnic Wear’s Stunning Comeback

We might be well into the 21st century, but the recent trend in the world of fashion seems to be nostalgic as Indian ethnic garments are giving western fashion a run for their money. The popularity and demand of ethnic Indian garments, especially amongst women, are on the rise. Saree had always been the primary choice of middle class women, both urban and rural. But the market for ethnic salwar-kameez has grown in recent times to emerge as the most popular. Different style of Salwars like Indian Kurtis and Indian Anarkalis has turned out to be in demand among urban women. One of the primary reasons for this is the convenience and comfort offered by ethnic Salwars while being trendy and fashionable. While these attires are affordable as well as comfortable enough for daily use, most women have started to prefer ethnic garments during celebrations and on special occasions. No wonder then, that 38% of the market for ethnic garments in India consists of ethnic Salwar-kameez and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

The role of e-commerce has been pivotal in this growth. Online Shopping Portals have helped the small and medium garments enterprises of India to go truly global. Recent reports and surveys have shown that Indian ethnic style is the popular trend in the United States and especially among the Hollywood celebrities. This can be attributed to an upsurge of internet marketing and the growth of online shopping portals which provide the consumer with all sorts of choices including the shipment of the products. Since the inception of these online portals, the sales of Indian ethnic garments, according to a report, have shot up more than 70%. More and more brands of ethnic garments are tapping into this thriving market, especially in the metro cities.

We offer a wide range of quality Indian Kurti, Patiala Suits and Indian Anarkali of excellent quality. These are available in various attractive designs such as long-wear and mid-length; half-sleeves, full-sleeves or even ¾ sleeves. These cotton and silk garments include Indian Anarkali. You can choose from an enticing collection of floral, striped or printed Kurtis. You will also find embroidered Kurtis. All these are offered at a reasonable price with a range of Rs. 395-975. The garments are of superb quality and design. To add to this, the Fashion Equation offers attractive discounts in registration and shipments. There is also a Clearance Sale going on which gives the customer a 60-70% discount on some of these items. If you check out the Fashion Equation portal, you will realize why the Indian Kurti and Anarkali is a craze amongst women across the world right now.

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Why is ethnic wear highly in demand among modern women?

Ethnic wear is one fashion category that has always been highly neglected in the Indian fashion arena. Designers and labels were all obsessed with western designs and style trends in earlier times. This led to the discarding of ethnic wear as an obsolete, out dated and uncomfortable fashion category of sorts. This mainly happened as a result of the changing preferences of modern Indian women. Modern Indian women did not have any patience left with the chunky and jaded ethnic garments of yore. They discarded it rapidly in favor of more contemporary western outfits which were both convenient and comfortable.

Alongside, western brands and designs made a place for themselves in the Indian fashion circuit. Women were only too eager to snap up comfortable yet trendy work wear and casual wear clothing options from western brands. Online retailers also started stocking up on these garments as natural best sellers in their categories. Ethnic wear on the other hand, attained huge popularity on foreign shores. Global collections started fusing ethnic wear with conventional western designs, leading to stunning results. Designers started looking for newer ideas revolving around this fusion of ethnic and western fashion sensibilities. Soon, ethnic wear began to be endorsed by leading designers and celebrities. The kurtis and sarees began to be used for such fashion experiments at first.

All of a sudden, ethnic wear made a sudden comeback into the present day fashionscape of the country. Going Indian was suddenly cool and happening. This mainly occurred due to the acceptance of ethnic wear categories into mainstream fashion. Fashion labels and online shopping portals have now started cashing in on this huge demand for ethnic wear, especially Indian Anarkalis and Indian Fashion Kurtis. They also sell a large variety of other products like Leggings, Churidaar, Salwar suits and Patiala’s.

Most of these items now come in varied styles and designs. Alongside, they possess a signature of their own. Fashion Equation’s products are a strong case in point. Our portal contains a plethora of attractive ethnic wear garments and a wide selection of ethnic jewellery as well. Also, our portal has the best and most attractive collection of all the ethnic items mentioned above. It specializes in providing beautifully designed, comfortable products to customers. Check out their attractive Indian Fashion Kurtis, printed kurtis for corporate women, Indian Anarkalis, printed Patiala bottoms with side pockets and eye catching shrugs.

Fashion Equation is a rich store house of a bevy of attractive products and retails these at fabulously tempting prices. There are huge discounts, going up to 20% in case of ethnic garments and jewellery on our portal. In case of a clearance sale, you can get up to 70% off on selected products as well! The lowest possible prices and premium quality are two factors that have made our portal a name to reckon with in the online shopping and fashion retailing segment. Log on now and start building up your ethnic wear collection with elan!

Tips on Matching Your Jewellery Pieces with Your Outfit

Since ages, Jewellery has always been a part of one’s dressing up. This trend follows till the present day and of course with good reason. As make-up products help in beautifying a person’s face or hair, similarly a piece of jewellery enhance the look of any outfit and give one an overall glamorous look. A nice pairing of jewellery with one’s clothes can make one stand out from the crowd and be looked upon as a fashion icon. Therefore not only is it a necessity to know the right piece of jewellery but also how to don oneself with it. Indian Fashion Jewellery has now gone a long way to cater to the need and comfort of each and every woman. What could be better than to search for Indian Jewellery online and make it your guide to better dressing?

Gone are the days when jewelleries meant large and heavy necklaces and bangles in gold and diamonds. Besides the heavy ones, modern Indian Jewelleries now come in customized sleek designs and styles too. Light jewelleries like different coloured ear studs or ear drops would go best with kurtis, kameez or even chiffon or cotton sarees for daily wear. A sleek multicoloured or matching bracelet along with a simple neckpiece sometimes finishes the look. Terracotta or wooden jewellery is also very apt for this simple and trendy look. On the other hand, Lehengas, Anarkali Salwar suits and traditional sarees would demand some good pairs of heavy dangling earrings teamed up with lots of bangles or a gorgeous bracelet. A Nose Ring, if carried off well, can make one appear even more attractive. Danglers and a slim chain with pendant or a no neckpiece look would go best with anarkali kameez and kurtis. Stones and Kundan are in great demand in the Indian Fashion Jewellery segment.

A white outfit dress would anytime get along with pure golden or silver accessories. A Black one would not only go with them but also with the matte golden and bronze ones. Antique Jewelleries are all time popular among fashionistas. They help create a statement wherever one goes. Young girls and young minded women donning on sarees or solid coloured kurtis especially in black can make it more fun by putting on multicoloured beaded ornaments. One should remember to keep jewelleries simple with gorgeous clothes and heavy with the simple ones. Lastly, it’s one’s own experimentation that brings out the best in oneself.

Fashion Equation brings to you a wide collection of Indian Jewellery online. One can choose from Earrings, Necklaces, Chains, Rings, Bracelets and Jewellery sets at highly affordable prices. The various coloured ears studs and designed ear drops can surely get along very well with any kind of outfit. Whereas the Navaratna stone earrings, the Kundan Jhumkas and rings, the AD stone bracelets or the pearl sets can be a woman’s best friend in any occasion or festival. A Highly Recommended piece here would be the Stylish 5 in 1 Changeable Drops Earrings, which can be given a new looking every time to fit with every outfit.  And, all these come without you feeling a pinch in the pocket. So log in now to get your best deal.

The Best place to find quality ethnic wear

Quality ethnic wear is not really an area of specialization for prominent fashion houses and other designer labels. There are a few designer labels available which provide a wide collection of ethnic wear at immensely high rates. This is a big deterrent for customers in today’s times. Ethnic wear has evolved immensely from being staple garments for special occasions to full time, regular options today. More and more women are embracing the idea of ethnic wear as a regular wear option. Ethnic wear has made a comeback in the Indian fashion market based on these changing perceptions. Women are endorsing ethnic wear at workplaces, business meetings, special occasions, weddings and even at home.

Why is this so? This is mainly because of the comfort and convenience offered by ethnic wear. However, there is a popular saying that holds true for this segment, quality comes at a premium. This could not have been truer, going by the predominance of luxury and premium fashion labels in the ethnic wear segment. This becomes problematic for people looking for easily accessible and cheap ethnic wear options for daily usage. It is hard to bring together the highest standards of quality and design with low prices and tight budgets.

Or is it? The Indian market has always been a price sensitive market. Indians desire the best fashion products at the lowest possible prices. However, luxury couturiers exist to cater to bespoke, customized markets which comprise of a far lower percentage of the whole fashion industry. Going Indian with a vengeance is the new fashion trend this season. Women are going Indian at both home and work and also at occasions. Ethnic wear has gone main stream and mass markets need affordable choices which do not compromise on quality in any manner.

The democratization of ethnic wear will truly be possible if premium quality is available at a price that suits every budget. This is only possible at Fashion Equation, a noted retailer of ethnic wear for women, cutting edge jewellery, mens wear and kids wear. Our online store is the best place to find quality ethnic wear in India are on account of the beautiful designs and comfortable materials used. Take a look at their wide range of Indian Fashion Kurtis and Indian Anarkalis along with other eye catching garments.

Our portal is the best place to shop for beautifully designed and comfortable Patiala’s, Salwar suits, Chudi’s, Salwar Kameezes, Leggings, Harem Pants and Dividers among other garments of choice. The best part is that these items are available at literally jaw dropping prices on our portal. This makes it a fabulous option for women looking for affordable ethnic wear for regular usage. Going ethnic this season need not be too heavy on your pocket. Simply log on to our Portal and indulge your love for ethnic wear at prices that are unbeatable. You can also avail of various offers and discounts which sweeten the deal even further!

Online shopping benefits for customers

Why online shopping? This is a question that is often asked by numerous fashion enthusiasts and regular buyers of fashion garments and accessories. It is a fact that most Indian customers and serious fashion buyers are yet to adjust to the online shopping format. However, there is immense scope for growth in this segment. This is naturally observed through the high number of visitors and regular customers on online shopping portals. Online retail does not hold a significant percentage of the overall fashion market in India till yet. However, the numbers are increasing and are slated to give conventional offline fashion stores a run for their money in the near future.

There are a plethora of online shopping portals available these days. Customers are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for garments and accessories online. There are various types of shopping portals operating in the fashion segment. Some choose to specialize in particular categories like clothes for babies and jewellery while others mushroom as multi-brand outlets, stocking up on the best brands. There are many others who retail a wide variety of products which make up their signature collection of sorts.

The major benefits of online shopping extend to the customer. There are huge advantages to be garnered from shopping online. You can naturally expect the following benefits:

  • Lower time and energy expenditure on shopping
  • No need to hop from store to store, looking for purchases
  • Ability to view items in stock, thereby countering the problem of unavailability
  • Ability to buy items from virtually all brands and fashion categories with ease
  • Ability to order items from the comfort of home
  • Ability to compare items
  • Ability to earn vouchers and discounts from other sites
  • Ability to cash in on clearance sales and all other activities
  • Ability to get huge discounts at festivals and special occasions
  • Huge number of discounts and special offers
  • Substantially lower prices than offline stores
  • Prompt and timely delivery
  • Refund policies in case of any dissatisfaction
  • Provisions for returning clothes or accessories
  • Constant customer support
  • Additional features like order tracking

These are some of the major benefits when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories online. As a result, customers are slowly taking to online shopping like ducks to water. A case in point would be Fashion Equation. Our portal contains a plethora of enticing and attractive products like Indian Kurtis, Chudi’s, Salwar suits, Kameezes, Anarkalis, Leggings, Men’s Tees, Polo Tees and Casual Shirts for men. It also has a wide range of jewellery and kids wear to boot. You can get their items delivered in quick time and there are refund and return policies present as well. We also offer Huge Discounts and you can buy these garments at one third of what would normally be charged at showrooms. The product catalogue is vast and you can get some offers on all the purchases. To know more, log on and check out the portal right away!

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Why go ethnic at the workplace?

Workplaces have now become fashion arenas of sorts, especially with the huge number of fashion conscious women working at the same. The nature of global workplaces has changed immensely in recent times. In a positive development, more and more women are now assuming leadership positions across workplaces. They in turn, are helping a larger number of women make the transition from college to corporate life with ease, notwithstanding the pressures of marriage, children and other restrictions.

Top companies are now putting measures in place, which allow for greater flexibility and a much better environment for women employees at the workplace. Indian women are shining across all business sectors and professional arenas. As a result, workplace dynamics have changed. Women are instinctively better leaders by nature, owing to their leadership skills and multi-tasking abilities. At a different level altogether, workplaces and offices are much brighter and cheerful on account of the women employees present.

This liveliness and good cheer stems a lot from the well mannered, smiling corporate leaders we encounter regularly. However, it also has a lot to do with the fashion statements of contemporary women employees and their outfits. Workplace dressing was always considered drab and boring. Both men and women had to go by formal shirts, trousers, suits and the like. Contemporary women have brought in some much needed color and brightness to their workplaces courtesy their fashion choices.

One of the biggest fashion statements, making waves across companies and offices in India pertains to going ethnic or Indian with elan. More and more women are choosing to go ethnic at formal, semi-formal, casual and regular occasions and events. They are embracing ethnic wear as a potent option for daily usage. Alongside, they are opting for stylish yet comfortable Indian Fashion Kurtis and other options like Leggings, Chudi’s, Salwar suits, Kameezes, innovative Patialas and Indian Anarkalis over the boring formal dresses of yore.

Going ethnic is the ‘in’ thing nowadays across global fashion markets. Ethnic wear is ruling fashion weeks everywhere. Designers are coupling ethnic wear staples with western ensembles to bring out unconventionally appealing looks. The best part of contemporary ethnic wear is the comfort and convenience it possesses. A look at some of the top products available online will serve as a testament to the same. Take a look at the innovatively designed and crafted Patiala’s with side pockets. This is the brainchild of Fashion Equation, a one of its kind portal that creates designs and retails a scintillating range of ethnic garments and jewellery.

Not only are these bottoms more comfortable owing to the best materials used and the side pockets offer greater convenience. They also come in stylish prints and other colorful designs at portal. Alongside, the corporate kurtis available at Fashion Equation deserve special mention. These classy yet bright and comfortable kurtis can be paired with virtually anything. Log on to Fashion Equation and check out the latest innovations in quality ethnic wear for corporate women!

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How to find affordable Jewellery online?

Jewellery is a mainstay of the fashion industry. In earlier decades, it was usually worn for ornamental purposes and special occasions. Jewellery was then regarded as a special investment, one that had to be carefully accumulated to yield bigger gains over time. However, the scenario has changed immensely in recent times. Jewellery categories have expanded, with designers and fashion houses paying more attention to the creation of jewellery for daily wear purposes. Jewellery is now regarded as a viable option for wearing on a daily basis. Designers and labels are giving newer and newer twists to Indian Fashion Jewellery which is a rapid departure from the staple and conventional designs of yore.

However, online shopping portals and other fashion houses have to break another prevalent myth of sorts, which has been grounded in the minds of customers since times immemorial. This pertains to the affordability of jewellery. Jewellery was always considered an expensive investment and this is why most individuals used to shy away from purchasing jewellery for daily usage. However, the democratization of jewellery as a regular accessory can be labeled good news for the modern Indian customer.

However, finding affordable jewellery for regular usage is still problematic. Indian jewellery stores charge higher prices based on their offline store format. This is because of the incorporation of a certain profit percentage into the prices charged at these stores. Alongside, online shopping portals do not usually specialize in providing affordable jewellery. Even if they do, the collections leave much to be desired. You will never find ample variety and diversity on these shopping sites. Buying Jewellery Online can thus be a perennial headache for customers. Alongside, you will never find affordable jewellery for regular usage on specialized jewellery portals.

These portals specialize in providing handcrafted and designed exquisite jewellery collections based on the most precious metals and stones available like gold, silver and diamonds. These are never really affordable even though they are cheaper than the products stocked at traditional jewellery showrooms. You can visit Fashion Equation without any delay if you are looking for affordable jewellery for daily usage. Our portal understands the need for proper accessories to complement every day outfits. Our collection speaks volumes about the commitment to providing fascinating and beautiful varieties of jewellery to complement virtually any outfit.

You can check out the wide range of Earrings, Jhumkas, Neckpieces and other varieties of Jewellery on offer here. The eclectic range of affordable jewellery is suitable for all budgets and tastes. You can also access huge discounts and other offers on our portal. There are refund and return policies that will also ease your anxieties. Our portal breaks the myth that jewellery is always more expensive than other fashion items. It democratizes jewellery, making it an attractive regular wear option and has brought attractive designs, concepts and stones into the picture, making for a fascinating usage experience. Log on to Fashion Equation and snap up some scintillating jewellery pieces now!